How to Pick a Lifting Belt

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Buying a lifting belt is an important decision, but it can also be confusing. It is essential to understand the different types of belts available. There are powerlifting belts and weightlifting ones. Powerlifting is the most common type, other weightlifting disciplines, such as bodybuilding and CrossFit. This article will give you some tips for selecting the right lifting strap for you.

First, consider the lifting you do. Whether you lift weightsor do exercises like weightlifting or bodybuilding will play a massive part in the kind of belt you should buy. Powerlifting or strongman will want a solid and durable belt. They do not wish their lifting belt to come loose during a heavy deadlift. For everyone else, comfort and ease of use are more important.

Next, consider the width. What type of lifting do you intend to do? Depending on the type of exercise you’ll be doing, you may want a belt that’s four to six inches wide. Choosing a lifting belt with a wider width will be uncomfortable. It may make it harder to get into the correct position when lifting. A weightlifting belt should be comfortable to wear and be wide enough to protect your back.

Size. The width of the belt should be appropriate for your height and body size. A wide belt should fit snugly without making it feel like it will burst when you brace yourself for a heavy lift. The lifting belt should be snug but not so tight that it’s threatening to explode. It should be wide enough for your finger to reach the back of it & will help prevent any irritation or pain. The width of the lifting belt should be the same throughout. It should be firm and stiff. The thickest straps are 7 to 13mm wide, but a casual weightlifting belt should be 5mm. It should fit comfortably in your body and not be too hard or too loose.

Thickness. A good lifting belt should fit comfortably without cutting circulation or restricting your movements. The thickness of the belt is essential for powerlifters, but the overall thickness is not crucial if you’re a beginner. A weightlifting belt should fit well. A waistband should be snug enough to be comfortable but not restrictive. It should fit securely and comfortably without causing any discomfort. A thick belt is best for novices. Genghisfitness offers a variety of lifting belts. Visit the online store now.

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