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Weightlifting belts are essential equipment for any serious weightlifter, and there are some different types and styles to choose from. In this blog post, we will make a unisex embroidery belt specifically designed for weightlifting. Following these simple instructions, you can make your own embroidery belt in no time! Embroidery is a great way to express yourself and make something special for someone else. This is especially true if you are skilled in embroidery and want to make something unique for someone. This blog post will show you how to make a unisex embroidery belt for weightlifting.

What You Will Need to Make a Unisex Embroidery Belt?

Embroidery thread in black, white, and light blue (3 colours);-Scissors;-Fabric belt;-Ruler or measuring tape;-Tape measure;-Pins;-Thread clippers.

Step 1: Cut the fabric belt according to your desired size. Ensure the belt extends at least 2 inches beyond the ends of the embroidery hoops. Note: If you use wooden hoops instead of embroidery hoops, cut the belt so that it wraps around the ring tightly without being too tight or loose. This will ensure that your round stays in place during stitching.

Step 2: Next, measure 1 inch from one end of each embroidery hoop and mark them with a pencil. Then, use the ruler or measuring tape to connect these dots on each ring.

Step 3: Use the thread clippers to cut the embroidery thread, starting at the marked points. Be sure to leave a few inches of yarn at the end of each hoop so you can secure it during stitching.

Step 4: Next, unfold the belt and place one embroidery hoop on the other. Align the tips of the hoops with the pencil dots on the belt and gently press down so that the rings are firmly affixed to the belt. Clip off any excess embroidery thread.

Step 5: Repeat this process with the remaining hoops, connecting them in a continuous line along the entire length of the belt.

Step 6: Once all hoops are attached, start stitching by following the threads along their respective paths. Try not to pull too tightly on the stitches, as this may cause damage to your fabric belt. Instead, be gentle and take your time as you go along.

Once you are finished stitching, be sure to trim off any excess threads and knots with scissors. And finally, be sure to wash and dry your embroidery belt before wearing it!

Sewing the Belt

If you’re looking for a unisex embroidery belt to help you lift weights, you’re in luck! This project is easy and takes only a few hours to complete.


1-Embroidery floss in your desired colour (s)
2- approx. 2 yards of fabric
3- 1.5-inch wide elastic waistband
4- sewing machine and thread


1. Sew the elastic waistband to one long edge of the fabric, ensuring it’s at least 1.5 inches wide.
2. Cut a square out of the remaining fabric, about 2.5 inches on each side (the size of the elastic waistband). Sew these squares together, leaving a small opening at the bottom so you can turn the belt right side out.
3. Thread your embroidery floss through the holes in the belt and pull tight, creating a loop that hangs below the elastic waistband (see photo).
4. Turn the belt right side out, placing it over your hips (see photo). Pin around the edges and sew close to the edges using a zigzag stitch.
5. Trim the excess fabric, turn the belt inside out, and you’re done!

Making the Buckles

If you’re looking to make a unisex embroidery belt for weightlifting, you’ll need a few things before getting started. The first is a fabric about 1.5-2 inches wider than your waist, and the second is some sturdy buckles or straps. You can find both of these items at most stores or make them yourself if you have some sewing skills.

To make the buckle, start by cutting a strip of fabric that’s about 2-3 inches wide and long enough to fit around your waist comfortably. Then, fold the strip in half so that the raw edge of one piece is lined up with the raw edge of the other and press down firmly. Now, draw a circle on one end of the folded strip using a pencil or pen. This will be the center of your buckle.

Next, cut out another circle slightly smaller than the first one, and place it on top of the first one so that their centers are aligned. Use a fabric glue gun or hot glue to attach them together, making sure to line up the circles perfectly. You can now hot glue additional pieces around the circumference of your buckle if you want, but be sure to leave a hole at the top so you can thread the belt through it.

Adding the Embroidery

Adding embroidery to your unisex embroidery belt is a simple process that can give it a unique look. Embroidery hoops can be easily found at most craft stores, and the stitches used are easy to learn. The completed embroidery belt will fit most people, regardless of their weightlifting abilities.

Attach the embroidery hoop to the belt using a knot or a piece of string to begin embroidering. Place the fabric you will be elaborating on top of the ring and start stitching by hand. The stitches used are simple zigzag stitches and can be done using any type of needle.

Once you have finished stitching, remove the embroidery hoop from the belt and iron it flat. Then, attach the ring to the belt again and start sewing in reverse, leaving a 1-inch space between each stitch. When you are finished, trim off any excess fabric and admire your new embroidered belt!

Finishing Touches

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think of embroidery as a tool for weightlifting. But there’s a good reason stitching can improve your strength and conditioning-it’s one of the oldest forms of exercise. Embroidery is a great way to add detail and dimension to your workouts, and it’s easy enough that even beginners can try it. This blog post will show you how to make a unisex embroidery belt to help you lift heavier weights.

First, you’ll need some supplies: a sewing machine, thread, embroidery hoop, scissors, and iron. Next, measure the circumference of your waistline (or the widest part of your hips) and enter that information into the hoop’s size chart. You’ll also need to choose a design. We’ve selected an EKG pattern from the American Heart Association, but many other formats are available online or in book form. Once you’ve chosen your design, print it out on white fabric and cut out the pieces.

Now it’s time to start stitching! First, put a piece of thread around one end of the embroidery hoop and tie it in a knot.


If you’re looking for a unique way to add some personality to your weightlifting attire, consider making an embroidery belt! This unisex belt can be made in any colour or design you choose, and it’s a great way to show off your personal style while keeping your clothes safe and supportive during workouts. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the steps necessary to make this belt yourself. Trust me – once you’ve got one in hand, you won’t want to go back to wearing regular belts!

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