How to Used Figure 8 Lifting Straps

Genghis Figure 8 Lifting Straps

Figure 8 lifting straps paramount ability to shift the load to the back of the arms. These belts are made of heavy-duty cotton webbing with a custom-designed cotton no-slip blend to prevent slipping during the lift. Reinforced stitching for durability will prevent wrist fatigue during heavy-lifting workouts. They’re perfect for anyone who wants to boost their work rate while lifting.

The most critical aspect of figure 8 lifting straps is how they fit. This lifting belt helps to reduce fatigue and maximize power consumption. Excessive fatigue is one of the leading causes of injuries. Moreover, figure-eight lifting straps can be a double security check as you are more likely to have them on. Using figure-eight lifting straps can help you prevent such accidents.

Figure 8 lifting straps are used for a wide variety of weight lifting exercises. However, not recommended for activities that require quick lifts and drops. To use a figure-eight lifting strap:
Place your hands at shoulder-width apart and pull yourself up with the barbell.
Ensure that the shins touch the bar.
Slowly lower the weight back to the ground.

Although they’re not necessary, figure 8 lifting straps are vital for any lifting routine. They help keep your hands stable and conserve power when you’re lifting heavyweights. You’ll also be able to avoid hand and wrist problems that can occur from a poor grip.

Genghis Fitness developed the figure 8 lifting straps to improve your heavyweight’s performance. This brand features Heavy-Duty Fabric and reinforced seams to prevent ripping. You’ll be able to hold the weight for the longest time without losing your grip. And if you’re uncertain about the size of your wrist, don’t worry. They’re easy to return.

While figure 8 lifting straps can be a helpful training tool, you should always measure your wrist size before purchasing one. You can measure your wrist using a measuring tape to find the perfect fit. If your wrist size is large, you may want to get a smaller figure-eight lifting strap. If you have small wrists, it’s best to make sure you return them.

Using figure 8 lifting straps is a great way to improve your performance. You can even enhance your grip strength by using these pieces of equipment. You can make the most of your gym time by utilizing the figure-eight straps. Figure 8 lifting was a lot safer. Several models are available to suit your needs.

A Figure 8 lifting strap is used for different lifts. A figure-eight strap has an open loop at the top and closes in the shape of the number 8. This design makes it easy to remove the bar at the end of the lift. Unlike conventional lifting straps, the figure-eight lifting strap is done from the top. Once you’ve finished the training, you can adjust the weight by tightening or loosening the weight-eight figure-eight-lifting straps.

It has extra padding around the wrist and helps to support the bar during maximal lifts. Compared to traditional straps, figure-eight lifting straps are ideal for pulling heavier weights during intense workouts. Visit Genghisfitness for buying a figure 8 lifting strap.

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