Weight Lifting Power Grips

Weight Lifting Power Grips

Weight Lifting Power Grips are an essential tool for any weight lifter. They ensure safe, effective lifting and transfer of weight to targeted muscles. They are made of durable, double-cross-stitched material that won’t tear. Regardless of what style you choose, you’ll never be sorry you bought them. These grips prevent hand injury and build muscle while eliminating grip failure. They are also comfortable and feature breathable straps and padding

While most grips are neoprene, some can be bent or molded to fit different hands. You should take the circumference of your wrist into account before you purchase the grips. The grips are adjustable and bendable, so you won’t have any problems adjusting them to fit. This is an essential part of buying a set of grips. They can help you develop your grip strength and maximize your training sessions.

Why is Power Grips Used?

These power grips are excellent for a variety of reasons. They can increase your strength and help you improve your form and technique. Unlike rubber-handled weights, these are made of steel, which offers better traction than plastic. The rubber grips are waterproof and can be worn in saunas. Using weight-lifting hooks in saunas can help you get the perfect hold of your bar and secure it. They can also give you an extra pair of hands if you’re worried about slipping.

If you’re serious about lifting, Power Grips can make all the difference. These ergonomically designed handgrips can help you achieve the best form during heavy deadlifts. You’ll be able to lock in the weight without slipping or stumbling. This makes them indispensable for anyone trying to reach their lifting goals. If you want to maximize your gains, these grips are an essential tool for any lifter.

Lifting straps are another excellent tool for strength training. They’re not only convenient and durable but can help you avoid injury and develop a firm grip. Using the right weight-lifting power grips can lead to bigger, leaner muscles and more muscular legs. By using weight lifting straps, you’ll be able to focus on your gains and less on your workouts.

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Why do Crossfitters need Power Grips?

Power straps are an excellent option for CrossFitters. The straps are adjustable and will prevent hand tears and calluses. The straps come in various styles. Figure 8 grips are more popular with CrossFitters. They are durable and prevent calluses from developing on your hands. These are compact and adjustable, and sound investments for any fitness enthusiast. They will last for years, helping you to focus on your goals.


The hook grip is an alternative to powerlifting hooks and is becoming increasingly popular in the fitness community. This type of grip allows a lifter to wrap their thumb around the barbell and tuck it inside their fingers. This weight-lifting hook grip is handy for deadlifts and widely used by Olympic lifters. However, it’s not just for Olympic lifters. All strength athletes can benefit from using this type of grip. If you are interested in lifting gear, you must visit Genghisfitness’s online store for different varieties of lifting gear.

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