About us

Genghisfitness is an online store where people buy fitness gear & belts made by hand in Pakistan. We believe quality should be our priority and that every product we carry should be worth the price you pay.

 Our main goal at Genghisfitness is to provide customers with a superior customer experience from start to finish. Our extensive knowledge of weightlifting belts and gear allows us to supply them with products created for their needs. All our products are handcrafted from materials that are comfortable and beneficial for you to use during your daily workout routine or as a training aid anywhere.

Genghisfitness was born from personal experience and a love of the sport. I first started lifting weights when I was 18 due to my job having me doing physical labor daily, but there wasn’t anything around for someone who wanted more functionality out of their belt. Since then, I’ve been looking to create product designs that have an elevated level of functionality and quality and keep pricing affordable so that everyone can enjoy these products.

We are fitness lovers & we are inventing gear for fitness enthusiasts. Our weightlifting belts are made with Pure Buffalo, Cow full-grain leather. These are durable raw materials. Our fabric belts & other gear is made with neoprene fabric of the highest quality and craftsmanship & stitch with recycled thread.

We are an eco-responsible company. We promise customer happiness with every MAFHH International Product. We are assured of the quality of our products and offer a lifetime guarantee on our entire range. All products of Genghisfitness are produced by MAFHH Trading of Pakistan at Sialkot. Sialkot has a rich history of making the most delicate sports equipment and accessory for Europe & America.